The PhDiaries

In summer 2017 I started thinking how cool it might be to vlog; I then came up with the pun and knew I had no choice but to begin. The PhDiaries is a YouTube channel for PhD students to find advice, relatable misadventures, and comfort in knowing they're not alone in their problems, all in under four minutes and usually once or twice a fortnight.

What do I vlog about?

PhD Matters

Is it normal to work at the weekend? Is teaching worth my time? Common PhD student questions.

What my PhD is about

Mars, geochemistry, lab work; step-by-step guides to methods; insights into Earth Sciences research.

Academia Matters

How do you write an academic CV? What's it like publishing a paper? Common questions in general academia.

Mental Health

Separating PhD and regular life; working past setbacks; talking about the problems you wish someone had told you about.

If you'd like me to cover a particular topic or question, please just comment on one of my videos or give me an email!

Thank you to the post-rock bands Silent Island and Waking Aida for letting me use their songs in my videos! My credits music is Silent Island's Dolphin Rush from their album Fall of Oceans, which you can check out on Bandcamp.