I love talking about my research and science to anyone who'll listen, and I'm lucky that most people hear 'space' and get excited! I regularly speak in local schools, my college, and at public events. In February I was formally recongnised by the Oxford Students' Union for my contribution to outreach, and in June 2018 received an award from the Department of Earth Sciences as the postgraduate most dedicated to this cause.



Thanks to a generous grant from the British Society of Geomorphology I now have a real Martian meteorite to show students for my Introduction to Mars sessions. I've run this with Years 4-12 across eight local schools, festivals, and taster days, with the aim of introducing Mars as a once-active world just like Earth.



I regularly give public talks and lectures, e.g. for the Bristol Astronomical Society (Nov 18) and on a panel at Wolfson College debating planetary colonisation (Mar 18). Over the past year I have given talks to St Edmund Hall's Middle Common Room, the Oxford Geology Group, St Edmund Hall's undergraduate and postgraduate Earth Scientists, and new students entering the Department of Earth Scientists.



In May 17, I led the organisation of a debate titled The Pale Red Dot: Colonising Mars and Beyond on the feasibility of living on other worlds. Our speakers included Dr Ellen Stofan (ex-Chief Scientist of NASA), Andy Weir (author of The Martian), Libby Jackson (UK Space Agency), and Prof. Colin Wilson (Oxford physicist). The event was live-streamed online and was a sell-out success.