European Space Agency ‘18

In a sentence: "In summer 2018 I was selected to design a space mission at ESA’s Alpbach Summer School for postgraduates, which was then selected for further development in autumn."

Every year the European Space Agency hosts the Alpbach Summer School, nestled in the beautiful Austrian Alps, where postgraduates have the chance design their own space mission. In July 2018 I was lucky enough to be selected to attend, and over the course of two weeks I learned how engineers and scientists cooperate, how space missions are put together, and how it feels to design your own. My team chose to visit Ceres, the largest body in the Asteroid Belt, and to return a piece of this enigmatic world to our own for further study. As chief scientist for our team I presented the science case at the end of the fortnight, which earned best presentation, and our mission was selected overall as best technical case for a mission. We were also selected for further mission development at the ESA Academy, Belgium, in autumn 2018.


Both of these experiences gave me unsurpassable insight into the workings of real-life missions. I am extremely grateful for funding by both the UK and Austrian space agencies, which supported my attendance.

For a more visual overview of the experiences, I made a video diary for each!

Both have been endorsed by the European Space Agency and are now used as promotional experience for the summer school.