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I occasionally write for my college St. Edmund Hall's research blog Ex Aula, as well as my course's student-run blog Changing the Climate. Here are links to several examples of my work.


The Lakes That Kept Mars Warm

Ex Aula, St Edmund Hall Research Blog | Feb 18

Hundreds of generations over tens of millennia have observed the night sky’s wandering, pale red dot with fascination, but it is only in the last tens of years that we have begun to know Mars as a world. Though far removed from nineteenth-century dreams of sweeping vegetation and colossal canals, the...

Interview: From Cosmochemist to Cosmonaut? Tim Gregory

Changing the Climate Student Blog | Sept 17

As NASA and SpaceX reveal their increasingly-extraordinary plans for spaceflight and interplanetary colonisation, a lowly DTP student could be forgiven for feeling distant from this glamorous, seemingly untouchable world of astronautical...

Outer Worlds: The Incredible Geodiversity of Pluto and Charon

Changing the Climate Student Blog | May 17

When NASA made the decision in 2000 to visit the Solar System’s only unexplored planet (as it was designated at the time), they knew they were in for a long journey. Pluto and its sister world Charon form a binary system some six billion...

Megafloods on Mars: New Perspectives on an Old Mystery

Ex Aula, St Edmund Hall Research Blog | Mar 17

When the team behind NASA’s Mariner 9 mission first glimpsed the surface of Mars forty-five years ago, they were shocked to discover an entirely different planet to their predecessors’ observations. Mariners 4, 6, and 7 all by...